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    Current value vs Last month & Last Year



      I'm only using QV since yesterday so most probably this is a newbie question.


      In my db I have a month and year field, with some stockvalues. I made a period field :


      Date(MakeDate(Year,Month),'MM-YYYY') AS Period, which works fine


      Ok, I use this period field now to build a "stock level per month" graph. This gives the following result (= I see what I want to see) :


      But now I want to have 2 dashboard charts which gives me the % increase/decrease of

      1. current month stocklevel vs last month, and

      2. the current month stocklevel vs last year.


      so basically i want : sum(this period) / sum(last period) and sum(this period) / sum(same period last year).


      how can i do this?


      Thanks for the input guys