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    Unidentified my PC as the place the QV file was built

      Hi All,

      I'm holding the free version of Qlick View 10 SR1.

      In about few more months we're expecting to purchase QlikView liscences, but i already started to work and learn on the platform.

      Suddenly, after working on several files more then few times on each one in the past, while I tried to open one of them, I got a massage that said that I already spent all the times I had to open filed which weren't built in my PC - when the file was actually built in my PC!!!

      this was true to all of the file I built and tried to opened (some of them was available in my PC two days ago...)


      I didn't change my PC name nor change its operating system...


      I really need your help in order to get back the control on this files in my PC...