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    ColumnNo() Error in Set Analysis



      I have this script in a pivot table.


      count({<EffectiveYear={2011},EffectiveWeek={$(=ColumnNo())}>} TOTAL [Employee Number])


      But unfortunately, ColumnNo() is not recognized properly by set analysis.


      I have tried placing RowNo() and it works as well as placing constant.

        • ColumnNo() Error in Set Analysis
          Fernando Obara Suzuki



          I think that the problem is that QlikView first evaluates the Dollar-Sign Expansions to get the final expression, and after tries to calculate the value for each row/column. So QlikView is using the following expression:

          count({<EffectiveYear={2011},EffectiveWeek={-}>} TOTAL [Employee Number])

          , which returns you invalid data.


          Trty replacing the expression for this:

          count({<EffectiveYear={2011}, HireWeek=p(EffectiveWeek)>} [Employee Number])


          I'm not sure of what you want, so it may be incorrect....



          Hope this helps you.