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    What things we can place in DAR application.

    Sunil Chauhan

      what are the things we can present in





      fast reply will be highly appriciated

        • What things we can place in DAR application.
          Kamal Naithani

          Hi Sunil.......



          I think dashboard contai the things which show the eagle eye watch in the target or the it behave as the dashboard of car.

          The things which are our basics needs are contained in the car dashboard such as sppedometer ,fuel meter...etc

          In Qlikview dasboard contains all those charts which give the fast reply of our requirement

          1.So we can say that

          A business intelligence dashboard is a data visualization tool that displays the current status of metrics and key performance indicators (KPI's) for an enterprise

          2. Dashboard indicates the status at a specific point in time.

          So generally we use the Guage chart,etc for defining the dashboard




          Analytics is generally used for the analysi of athe busineess requirement.

          This year vs last year

          This month vs last month

          Top custumer

          Top salesperson

          Region wise sales

          etc are some of chart types from which we can understand the analytics concept of BI





          are generally that give the detailed information of the businees

          It give the total reports for the domain which we want to find and on the differrent dimension taht we want to show.

          For example

          You can apply the no of dimension and expressions to give the detailed overview.

          Pivot charts and straight table are best used for this.




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            Prasanna Sankepalli

            pointing to correct link for future needy people..


            DAR methodology