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    Remove/hide the "flat part" of an accumulated graph?



      I have a question regarding accumulated line charts. I have an example, where the accumulated GP from the current month is compared to the accumulated GP from same month last year. But if we for instance are on the 10th in a month, the actual GP is just showing a flat graph after the 10th in the month because there obviously arent any entries for GP after the 10th. But how do I remove this part from the accumulated graph?


      I have played around a little with RangeSum(above)), which have an offset function, but If I put in the 10th as offset, I just get the same trend from the 1-10, now just showing from the 10-20 as a kind of lagged graph. I initially though I could just do this a make the line white, which would hide the actual GP graph from the 10th, but it doesnt really work as I now just get the accumulating trend as described starting the 10th instead of the 1st, which doesnt hide the flat part of the actual GP line.


      Any ideas?