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    QV11. Failure to reload, "The document might require username and password."



      We recently upgraded from QV 10 to QV 11.


      After the upgrade a couple of our scripts started to fail on reload from the Distribution Service. They are reloading just fine from the QV desktop client.


      The relevant line, I think, from the distribution service log file reads:

      "Error          Document open call failed. The document might require username and password."


      It's always the same failure, every time.


      I've sorted two out of three documents by copying the script to new files but the third one is really heavy in charts triggers etc and it would be a huge effort to get that working in a new qvw document.


      We run on Windows Server 2008, all updates installed,  with 96 GB of memory. CPU load while testing just now is at 0%. Windows and QV is 64 bit.


      The word "section" is not part of the script, there is no hidden script. Server is run by a user that has administrative rights.


      Things I've tried:

      - Adding in different users in the section access part of the user documents -> reload option in QV management console.

      - Changing ownership of the document.

      - Makig new copies of the files.

      - Changing rights on the files.

      - Changing rights on the directories (other files in same directory loads ok)

      - Making sure that the file is opened and resaved in QV11.


      All these files reloaded under QV server 10. No changes have been made since.




      Best regards.