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    Rank function problem

    Amirali Vastani

      I have a straight table with the dimension Salesman



      1. Actual = sum({<salestype={'DIRECT','INDIRECT'}, $(CurrentPeriod)>}LineAmountUSD)

      2. Budget = SUM({<$(CurrentPeriod)>}BudgetAmountRep)

      3. AvB % = if(Actual = 0 or Budget = 0, null(), Actual / Budget)

      4. No. = if([AvB %]=0 or Len([AvB %]) = 0,0,rank([AvB %]))


      I also have Suppress when value is null in Dimension, Suppress Missing and Suppress Zero Values checked.


      However, I still have inactive employees showing with Rank = 0, although I specifically have suppress zero values checked. If I disable this expression, the inactive employees go away, but seems like the Rank() function is bringing them back in. Anyway to stop that possible?