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    Document Security Basics

      Grretings All,


      I'm trying to invoke some basic security that accomplishes the following:


      I have a listbox element that shows some analysis options, that when users click on a specific analysis ("Math Breakdown", for instance), there are conditionals setup in the layout of graphs and tables that selectively show based on the selected analysis.  That's working perfectly.


      My problem is, when a user logs in as "staff", I don't want them seeing a particular item in the listbox, specifically "Year-To-Year Comparison".


      I have the following Section Access and Section Application elements in my code, but the result is that the "Year-To-Year Comparison" is visible to staff and admin users alike.


      Where am I making my rookie error here?  : )



      Section Access;
      Load * inline

      ADMIN,admin,[password omitted]
      USER,staff,[password omitted],Year-To-Year Comparison

      Section Application;
      LOAD * INLINE [
          Student Overview
          Math Breakdown
          Reading Breakdown
          Science Breakdown
          Year-To-Year Comparison