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    Running a Loop and Creating Groups - Web Analytics

      I've looked around briefly for an answer to this, but it doesn't look like it has been asked.


      I want to use QlikView for web analytics. My tables are FuseActions and People.


      The tables look like this:



      LOAD Fuse_Action_ID,



           Date (Date) as Date,

           Day (Date) as Day,

           Month (Date) as Month,

           Year (Date) as Year,




      LOAD User_ID,




      I want to be able to layout "Paths" that a user follows on our websites. I would like to turn these "Paths" into groups. Fuse_Action represents a click to another page in our website. So each "Path" would be made up of several Fuse_Actions until we return to the homepage or exit the website. My general thinking is to have a sort by User_ID, followed by a sort by Time. With things sorted this way, I like to run a loop that would group all Fuse_Actions from the homepage until the next time the homepage comes up and be able to group that as a "Path." I am a new user and do not have any idea how I would write this in QlikView or if it is even possible.