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    Different results from same load-string?

    Stefan van Diepen



      I have developed a dashboard for our company. However, I am encountering the following problem.


      There is data coming from our company in Argentina. This data is located in 1 file, called "Argentina - New 2011 All Data.xls".

      We also have a budget for next year, which is located in another file, called "Budget AR 2012".


      There is a product we sold this year, which we will also sell in next year. This means it is in both files. Now here's a little part from the files:


      QV Comparison.png

      As you can see, the number and the name are exactly the same in both files.

      The lay-out for the cells are also the same ('Number' for the Product_number and 'General' for the Product_name).

      I tie these to fields together in my script, adding a " - " in between and calling the filed [Material - Code & Name].

      So you would get: "210794001205467 - PERSOFTAL L 1000KG."


      Now I load these two files into Qlikview. Both files are loaded seperatly, and are concatenated seperatly into another table, like this:


      (This is the table from our main office, which also contains products, different from the Argentina ones)
      LOAD %MaterialNumber_Key, 
           [Material - Code & Name], 
           [Material Name], 
           [Line Desc 1]
      (This is the table containing the 2011 data from Argentina)
      //LE Concatenation
      Concatenate (Product_7)
      [Material - Code & Name],
      [Material Name]
      Resident ArgentinaTest; 
      (This is the table containing the 2012 budget data from Argentina) 
      //LE Budget Concatenate
      Concatenate (Product_7)
      [Material - Code & Name]
      Resident Budget_LE;


      Now if I tell Qlikview to show me a list box of the [Material - Code & Name] field and look for the product from Argentina, it shows me this:

      QV Persoftal Problem.png

      As you can see, it is loaded into Qlikview 2 times, with a different number each time.


      Does anyone have any idea what this could be?

      I hope I explained it clear enough, if anyone has any questions, please ask!


      Thanks in advance!