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    Selection indicator in treeview

    Jakob Fabian

      Hi everyone,


      when showing a hierarchy as a treeview as a listbox, I am getting some unwanted behaviour.

      When I select a node from my treeview, the selection indicator only appears on the right side of my listbox. This seems to be due to the fact, that QlikView is somehow aware of how many leaves or subnodes seem to be available.




      If I click all the way through my treeview, seeing the actual fields is no problem.

      For me this is no problem. However, my users which I'm building this App for don't always drill down to the actual field, usually only the top nodes are selected

      (e.g. Node 1 as in my example).


      Now the problem with that is, is as mentioned, the selction indicator. Due to the depth of my treeview, it is not clearly visible for those who don't know where to look for it.


      Is there a way to make the indicator visible as suggested in my example, or is there another alternative?


      Your help is very much appreciated,


      Hierarchy Test.png