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    Urgent: Selecting count from oracle sql into Qlikview Script Editor Variable


          I am new to Qlikview so would require your help...


      As per my current requirements, I need to insert a username value into oracle table through a procedure...


      If the user already exists in the table then I should not run the procedure otherwise I should execute the procedure...


      The procedure only inserts the record into table...


      this i am implementing by taking the count into a variable cnt and then checking the same..


      but during debugging cnt value is showing as <NULL> so i am unable to process the same


      I am connecting to an Oracle database using ODBC connector and then check whether the user already exist in the table 


      Need urgent support from you guys


      the script is as follows:


      ODBC CONNECT TO [dbname;DBQ=dbname] (XUserId is user, XPassword is pass, mode IS write);

      set user_id='USER1';


      load *;
      select count(1) cnt from ushypadm.eradb_dim_sec_v where upper(usr_id) = upper('$(user_id)');


      set c1=$(cnt);


      if c1=0 then
      SQL CALL schema_name.proc_name('$(user_id)');