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    calculated expression label and [] and re-using complex expressions

    Robert Svebeck


      A little problem here regarding re-using expressions when the expression has a calulated label.

      As we all know, it is possible to refer to a expression in a chart using [] in another expression.

      This is great for complex expressions since we don't have to maintain the code of the expression several times My problem is though, that I have to use a calulated label for a complex expression, and I need to re-use that expression several times.

      My label is (quite simplified) like this: "=max(F3)"

      How can I avoid being forced to write my expression twice when I need the same expression in another expression in the same chart?

      This is in a pivot chart so I guess I can not create a "hidden expression that has a fixed label".

      Any help appreciated.

      And btw - actually a second question: Is there a way to store expressions "globabaly" so they can be shared between many QVW´s  - or shared from one chart to another in the same document? Like the $(Include script.qvs) thing that is very good to use for load scripts.



      Regards Robert