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    dimension set to filter rows

      I could not hide NONE products ROWS in ABC analysis. in attached file made by John Whiperspoon. I tried dimension set but I could not do.

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          John Witherspoon

          Well, I thought all it would take is setting up the [Accumulated Sales] column so that it was null when ABC was null without referring to the ABC column.  There might be an easier way, but this seems to work:


          if(rangesum(sum(MonthlySalesNetValue),above([Accumulated Sales]))
          <= (A_Perc + B_Perc + C_Perc) * Sum(Total MonthlySalesNetValue)
          and (rowno()=1 or above([Accumulated Sales]))
            ,rangesum(sum(MonthlySalesNetValue),above([Accumulated Sales])))


          However, even when that is the ONLY expression in the chart, and we're suppressing nulls, the null rows do not suppress.  I honestly don't know why.


          Anyway, if they DID suppress, then all the other expressions could just take this form to make them suppress as well.




          Maybe it's a starting point.  I'm probably missing something obvious about why the rows are suppressing, so we could be just one simple step from an answer.