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      Hi Folks!


      My problem:

      I have datas regarding phonecalls:

      There are customes, whose names are known as name, the date, start- and the endtime of the phonecalls.

      I shall show the ammount of phonecalls in every second during a day.

      The script looks like:


      LOAD Name,

      date(Start) as Startday,

      time(Start) as Starttime,

      date(End) as Endday,

      time(End) as Endtime

      FROM [Test.xlsx]

      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Tabelle1);

      The Listboxes i created to check the values all include the correct values.

      Now i should have a diagramm (bar, line and flat table) in which i shall show the ammount of calls per second. The counting shall be that every call which is allready started is counted + the calls starting within this second. So far nor problem -> count(if(Starttime<=Timestamp and Endtime>=Timestamp ,Name)). The issue is, that i need the timestamp for every second as dimension, from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59. Maybe someone has an idea how to solve this.

        • Re: Timeline

          To all interested folks, here is my solution:



          LET n = num($(vTimeChange));

          DO while n<=$(vTimeEnd)


          ($(vTimeStart) + ($(n)-$(vTimeChange))) as Time_Tmp

          AutoGenerate 1;

          LET n = num(n + $(vTimeChange));




          SET DecimalSep=',';




          LOAD Time(Floor(Time_Tmp,0.000000001),'hh:mm:ss') as Time_Dim

          Resident Time_Tmp;



          DROP Table Time_Tmp;