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    Calculated Dimension?



      I have a dimension that I would like to use in a bar graph. However, this dimension does not associate with my Year feild (select one and the other grays out). The year field is needed to reduce the data on the dash. My thought was to use set analysis to make the Year Field selection within the expression. However, when I do this, the expression seems to be limiting the dimension and it is not shown. Is there a way to use a calculated dimension ..perhaps telling my dimension to ignore the year selection in the expression? Any help would be greatly appreciated.




        • Calculated Dimension?

          Are you hard-coding the year value in the expression or are you providing a dynamic value?

            • Calculated Dimension?

              I am making Year equal to another year feild....which will be selected in the dash. The set analysis basically looks like this.


              {$<SalesYear1=SalesYear2>}...so SalesYear1 will be hardcoded once year2 is selected.


              I do not have issue with the association using the year2 field. But, year2 does not reduce the data for this object in the correct way.