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    Sort Month and Year in Order



      My file is loaded in this order(MMM YYYY) for 2010 and 2011. How do I sort this in order?  Also, when I select 2010/2011 all the months start jumping around in my graphs.


      APR 2010   MAY 2010

      APR 2011   MAY 2011

      AUG 2010

      AUG 2011

      JAN 2010

      JAN 2011


      Thanks for the help!

        • Sort Month and Year in Order
          Sokkorn Cheav

          Hi samantham,


          Any small application then would be understand well on your issue. If have any attachment then it would be easy to find solution.



          Sokkorn Cheav

          • Sort Month and Year in Order
            SAchin Sahu

            Dear Samantham


            its better to find use function monthname(order#(Apr 2011,'MMM YYYY')) and then sort it into Ascending or descending

            by ticking on the numeric sort in sort tab


            do let me know wether it worked



            else u can also use

            Exp num(makedate( year(order#(Apr 2011,'MMM YYYY')),Month(order#(Apr 2011,'MMM YYYY')),01))


            in ur sort tab it will solve ur problem


            do let me know wether it worked



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              Kamal Naithani

              Hi Samantham the problem with your output is that ...you are getting the date as String format not as the date format.

              So you are getting the desired result.First get the date in no format. for example for the field

              Orderdate it may be----date(orderdate,'DD/MM/YYYY') as orderdate1

              then fin the


              then make a variable $MinDate using the peek function

              date(monthstart($(vMinDate) + rowno() - 1), 'MMM-YYYY') AS MonthYear.

              This will give you the required result.

              Hope this will help you.

              If any further query than give the attached copy of your application







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                Sokkorn Cheav

                Hi samantham,


                Right Click on Chart ==> Sort tab ==> Select on Dimension ==> Check on Expression and past this Match(CAPITALIZE(LEFT(TRIM(Months),3)), $(=chr(39) & Replace(MonthNames, ';', chr(39) & ',' & chr(39)) & chr(39))) + (RIGHT(TRIM(Months),4) * 10)


                See the attached file also.


                Note: Months is the field in format (MMM YYYY).


                HTH and let me know.



                Sokkorn Cheav