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    displaying multiple sheets in timely fashion



      May be a 'stupid' newbie question but here it is.


      I have a document with mutliple sheets each contain different figures/data. I need to display them as a repeated loop each for a period of time.

      I managed to do it using the now() command and 3 variables vsecond, vminute, vtimer

      vminute is checked if it is odd or even. vtimer=vsecond + 0 (odd) or +60 (even) this gave me a 2' loop.

      each sheet display with a condition which is:

      first: 0<vtimer<40

      second: 40<vtimer<80

      third: 80<vtimer<120

      THis seems to work but I am limited to 2' loop which is no good for later and not very flexible and  Now() according the manual should be avoided been system heavy.

      Is there a better way to do it?





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          Jakob Fabian

          Hi Andre,


          try looking at this discussion.



          The QVW file in that discussion uses a variable to create a live second ticker.

          The display of the sheets is then triggered by the show conditions that use these seconds.

          Just check it out.


          Good luck,


            • displaying multiple sheets in timely fashion

              ok thanks for the info. I have solved it and here is ohw I did it.

              created a csv called 'timing.csv' with 1 column as follow






              in Script I created a tab called timing with this code inside:




              recno() as Tab,

              rangesum(Seconds,peek(Seconds)) as Seconds



              [e:\test\timing.csv](txt, codepage is 1252, embedded labels, delimiter is ',', msq);


              // used to display timing value in sheet


              //      [Seconds] as [mySec]


              //[e:\test\timing.csv](txt, codepage is 1252, embedded labels, delimiter is ',', msq);




              '=' & concat('if(vSeconds<' & Seconds & ',' & Tab,'

              ,') & repeat(')',max(Tab)) as Show

              ,'=mod(round((now()-now(2))*86400),' & max(Seconds) & ')' as Seconds

              RESIDENT Timing;

              LET vShow = peek('Show');

              LET vSeconds = peek('Seconds');

              DROP TABLES [Show], [Timing];

              let vActivated = 0;


              In tools Edit Module I added this code:

              Sub ReloadData


                                  ActiveDocument.reloadex 0,1

              End Sub


              in each script I added in General - Conditional this:

              vShow=1  or $(vActivated)=1


              vShow: 1 of first sheet, 2 for Second, etc....

              vActivated is used to stop the slideshow


              in each sheet title (text) I added an Action 'set Variable'

              vActivated with value =if($(vActivated)=0,1,0)


              On the last sheet in Trigger OnleaveSheet I have added this action:

              Run Macro

              Macro name: ReloadData


              To change the timing no need to edit the code

              just change value in csv file

              at the next reload the timing will be updated