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    How to setup/interface with API of QMS Backend



      I would like to use the QMS Api to call the Task reload function for a specific dashboard, but I have a problem:

      if I go with Internet Explorer to http://machine:4799/QMS where 'machine' is the name of my server,

      I expected to display the XML of the WSDL, but it doesn't work ("Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"...)

      The IIS should be correctly configured on my server, beacause I can see the IIS logo image if I go to http://machine 

      What am I missing? Should I configure something in particular or change some configuration files?

      Should I modify the IIS default page in some way or is it automatically configured?


      I've also tried connecting to the previous WSDL address with SoapUI, but I have this error:

      Error loading [http://machine:4799/QMS]: java.lang.NullPointerException


      My Qlikview version is 10.00.


      Can you please help me?


      Many thanks,