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    Allowing user to select/add columns to tablebox on Access Point

      Hello all!


      I am working on a project for a client in which Qlikview is being utilized as a pure data-extract tool. The QVW is loaded by several QVDs pulling raw data from Teradata database views. A requirement for this project is to allow users the flexibility of selecting and deselecting what columns they would like to see, and then extract, which is easily done via a macro on the desktop. The issue, however, is that the macro will not execute on the AccessPoint, regardless of whether you open the application with the IE plug-in or AJAX.


      My problem arises in that a further requirement is to deliver this application on the web, as the sizes of the views cause even the QVDs to be a major hit on individual computers RAM (in other words, users can't efficiently download the application from the web everytime they need to use it).


      So my question here is whether or not there is a way to allow users to select the columns they want to see in the tablebox, ad-hoc, on the AccessPoint? I have heard whispers around my office that there is a way to do this (possibly through the QVMC), but have been unable to find any documentation within the Qlikview community.


      For the record, the client is currently using QV 10 SR2, with an intent to upgrade the QV 11 by the end of Q1 next year.


      Any insight would be greatly appreciate and helpful! Thanks!