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    Set expression - question



      I have a problem with a reporting- requirement that keeps coming up in different projects, so I thought maybe one of you would have a great idea, how to solve it...


      The problem is I need to dynamically compare to monthly values in a table, that also contains the dimension month (see screenshot - 3rd column).

      I can't use the above() - function because the previous month is not always displayed in the table (i.e. there is no October in the sample graph)


      I could get it to work for with hard - coded month with this formula (2nd expression):  sum({$<Month={1}>} Total Value)


      It didn't work when I tried to reference the month of the current row with something like this (3rd expression): sum({$<Month={"$(=only(Month)-1)"}>} Total Value)



      Please find attached a qvw that illustrates the problem. I hope someone can give me a hint, how to handle this.


      Thanks in Advance!