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    Getting the number of deliveries.

    Chris Hopkins


      I have the following table:



      I want to add an expression which will give me the number of deliveris per week. This can be done be either counting the Delivery Days or getting the highest Sequence.




      The customer SPAR STORE BRACKLA has an order on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY,THURSDAY AND FRIDAY which =4 deliveries per week.

      You can also see this by looking at the SEQUENCE, the higest is 4 which means they have 4 deliveries per week.

      I want to this to appear on each line. So for the mentioned customer, i would want 4 along side each line relating to them.


      I tried Count(DeliveryDay) but that didnt give the total. and i tried Max(Sequence) but that just puts the same sequesnce number against each line.

      Can anyone help please?