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    changing dimension field in pivot according to selection in listbox

    Louwrie Terblanche



      I have a scenario that I have medical sales reps in a company, some of the reps call on pharmacies and some call on doctors.


      I have a hierarchy setup so that if I select a manager in a listbox it filter on all that managers reps in the another lisbox. If I select a rep in the listbox I have another teamfield that tells me this is a pharmacy rep or a doctor rep.


      My problem that I am struggling with is that according to the teamfield – Pharmacy or Doctor- I must change my dimension field in a pivot table.


      If I select a rep and the rep is a pharmacy(teamfield) rep the dimension in the pivot must show and use the pharmacyname field and the expression would just be sum(sales).

      If I select a rep that is a doctor(teamfield) rep the dimension field must change to another field called doctorname and the expression will be sum(sales).


      The doctorname and pharmacyname are two separate fields.


      I presume I can get the teamfield value in a variable but how do I use this to change my dimension field in pivot.  I am using Qlikview 10


      Help would be appreciated.