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    Pivot to excel

    Emeli Sparrman



      I have a pivottable with 2 columns, where the first column is in percent and the second is with a traffic light gauge. It has the exakt same calculations so it is the same numbers.

      However, I would like to export the table to excel and get the traffic light gauge symbol to be exported as well. Right now, if I export to excel it looks like this:


      CountyPercentTraffic light gauge


      Instead of having a number in the second column I would like to be able to export the traffic light symbol.


      Thanks in advance!

        • Pivot to excel

          What you can do is to go to properties, tab title, in section special icons, select copy image to clipboard, then open an excel sheet and paste it. you will have it like an image, I don´t think that is possible to get in excell a gauge into a excel cell.


          I hope this is what you are looking for.