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    Nested user defined function


      I'm creating a user defined function as below:


      SET GetUSDRate =

      if((not IsNull($1)) and (len($1) > 0) and (IsNum($1)) and ($1 <> 0),$1,if((not IsNull($2)) and (len($2) > 0) and (IsNum($2)) and ($2 <> 0),$2,$3));


      Basically I pass in 3 rates and it returns the first non-null non-zero rate it finds.  What I want to do is make one of the parameters I pass in the result of a different function.


      So my call looks something like:


      $(GetUSDRate(0,[Override USD Rate],[FX Currency USD Rate]))


      What I want to know is how can I replace the first parameter of zero with the result of a function, for example:


      $(GetUSDRate( $(NewFunction(param1)),[Override USD Rate],[FX Currency USD Rate]))


      I've tried something like above but it doesn't work.  I can't use variables as this is a set based operation and the result of "NewFunction" is based on data specific to each row.


      I'm new to QV so I might be going about this completely the wrong way.


      Hope this makes sense.  Any help appreciated.