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    Separate Product Columns



      I have a number of products, split across different columns which I need to work with. I have attached a sample file of the data that I am working with.


      What I would like to do is create a List Box (or similar) with Products A, B, C, D as options.

      So far all I have been able to do is get a List Box with a single product and the options within the box are the various prices.


      On selection, the ideal behaviour would be to look for the presence of a value in the particular column (as this would indicate that there was a sale) and then all other values would be filtered accordingly. It should be possible to select multiple values.

      I think this may involve some kind of 'CountIf' type expression.


      I hope this makes sense. I have a feeling that this is easy-ish but after a number of trials I am no closer!


      Many thanks in advance.