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    Session Log - Cal Type "None"

    Jakob Fabian

      Hi everyone,


      can somebody please explain to me, what the cal type none is.


      I have some entries in my session log file, these cal types then get displayed in my QlikView System Monitor. I reckon there should be only named and document cals in use in my case.


      Regards and thanks in advance,


        • Session Log - Cal Type "None"
          Sudeep Mahapatra

          QlikView server sets the Exit Reason as "Killed because Named User Cal was needed from another client" for such incidents (CAL type as None). I read from some other thread that these scenarios can be avoided by enabling "Allow dynamic CAL assignment" in QEMC under System Tab > Licenses > CALs settings.

          • Re: Session Log - Cal Type "None"
            Leonardo Vaz

            None is when no license was allocated for any reason. The reason is on the Exit Reason column. When you have insufficient documents_cals and the user try to open the document, a row is created in the session_log file with the Cal Type None and exit Reason 'Socket closed by client'.