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    Strange Data Behavior Creating QVD

    Cory Newson

      I have an environment where a client is on 8.5.   I downloaded 11 latest release personal to build a test environment to replicate this setup. It is a RAIMA RDM DB with ODBC connectivity.  I pull the raw data into QVD files and then do a final pull to create the usuable QVW files for production.  I built this test environment to be sure I can migrate this setup to 11 for them.  Same Includes, copied the scripts right from the working environment....  Same Data directory tree etc.....   Now, with a pull to 11 I am getting strange characters and weird data in QVD files.  I am getting "BI[]" instead of "BIZ", "19Y" instead of "199 and so forth"....... picture some alternate letters and foreign language style letters. Pulls just fine in 8.5.  Do I need to declare data types in 11?  Has anyone else seen this behavior?  If I ODBC connect via MS Access the data is flawless.......    Unfortunately I cannot upload the QVD file screenshot to show the exact characters I am getting instead of my actual data, so I attached it.