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    Logic on Allocations

      Hi guys,


      I'm having this requirements on identifying whether an item can be be build or not based on the available raw materials.

      I have attached herewith two files, QV file and Excel file.


      Human logic goes like this:


      1. Get All items and their corresponding raw materials needed

      2. Get all available raw material inventory quantity

      3. Get all item orders

      4. Check whether the required materials to build the items is available if it is then the order should be mark as "available"

          - raw materials inventory should be updated deducting those used in the first item.

      5. Process next item, check whether raw materials are available if it is do the same as first item if it is not then order should be mark as "not available"

          - raw materials inventory should not change

      6. Process until all orders have their own status.


      Thank you for you help guys.


      Regards, ~skip