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    Linked fields & showing missing data

      Hi everyone,


      1st post so be kind!


      I'm looking at how to display data that uses a linked field but that isn't in both tables. I'll outline an example below - but basically it's looking to replicate Microsoft Access inner & outer Joins when reporting.


      Using the illustration below - we have two tables and one linked field named 'Reference'. We can see the data that is matched, i.e Reference 1,2,4,6.


      Our issue is how do we find / show the data that doesn't match but has the same linked field - in table1 we'd need to be able to find/show reference 3 and 5 as 'unmatched' and in table2 find /show reference 7 and 8 as unmatched.


      Table1     Table2

         1             1

         2             2

         3             4

         4             6

         5             7

         6             8


      I hope i've explained myself well and that someone can help?


      If any more information is required for clarity just let me know.