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    set analysis and dimensions

      Hi to all,


      I build a pivot table (to see file in attach) with an expression (set analysis) wich result I don't want to depend by selections on dimensions.

      Result is correct but when I select just a value of "Deposito" (or "PDV") tab pivot show all values, not just the "Deposito" (or "PDV") selected.

      How can I resole the problem?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Stefan Wühl



          your expression looks like:



          if(Dimensionality()<=3,count({$<[PDV]= , [Divisione Vendita]= ,  [Deposito]= >}  distinct TOTAL [Data rilevazione]),

             if(Dimensionality()=4,count({$<[PDV]= , [Divisione Vendita]= ,  [Deposito]= >}  distinct TOTAL <[Anno rilevazione]> [Data rilevazione])






          You said that you don't want to have your result be dependend by selections on dimensions, but you want limit the of lines shown to the dimensions selected, right?


          I think to get your results independent from the dimension values, you will need to use the TOTAL qualifier, and you already use it. The set expression will be evaluated once for the complete chart, so it will not regard dimension values. Since you clear selection on PDV, Deposito and Divisione Vendita, your chart will not be limited to your selection, if you want to have this, just remove part or all of the set expression, like:


          if(Dimensionality()<=3,count(distinct TOTAL [Data rilevazione]),

             if(Dimensionality()=4,count(distinct TOTAL <[Anno rilevazione]> [Data rilevazione])




          Not 100% sure if this is what you want, that's just how I understand your post.