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    Click on a calculated field to see associated dataset



      Im not a developer but have been working with our developers to create a number of reports. In our reports we use pviot tables which has a number of calculated fields. So what we want to do is to click on a cell which has a calculated fields and then see the associated dataset. The default QlikView behaviour does not allow selection beased on calculated field so was wondering if anyone knew or had examples of how to achive this.


      Please see attached screenshot, the coloured columns are calculated fields and when I click on one of the cell values I would like to see the assopciated data sets on the "Aging Report Details Tab". Aging Report Details have all the data used in the report in a stright table.


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        • Click on a calculated field to see associated dataset

          Managed to solve this after lot of dingging around in the forum. Please the following thred:



          I split the table into 3 seprate table "Overdue", "Due in 9 Days" and "Good"


          So for the Overdue table:


          I used the calculated dimension (Overdue) which had a value of "Ture" or "False" (but I had only selected to show the records which were "True") and inserted it in my pivot table (far left of the table) and then hidden it from view. So when the users clicked on the calculated field it retruned records which had a "Overdue" value of "True".


          Applied the same logic to the other 2 tables as well