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    Neater and tidier formulae for pivot chart with multiple coloured cells?

    James Shenton

      Using visual cues, you can use up to three colours to shade the cells in a pivot chart.


      To get more than three colours, I use the Background Color property of the Expression and use multiple IF statements.


      For example, my colour property at the moment is like this: =IF (expression > 1.25, RGB(100,100,100) , IF(expression >1, RGB(200,200,200) ,...) and so on. But because "expression" is a pretty long formula, the whole thing gets quite messy and long. And any changes to the expression can make it tricky to redo, especially if I have ten or so colours.


      I was just wondering if there is a neater way, or a shortcut, to refer to the value in a specific cell in a table. So rather than have to recalculate, or refer to, the expression multiple times, is there a property so my formula can look something like: =IF(cellvalue > 1.25, RGB(100,100,100), ...).


      Hope this makes sense