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    Dashboard Tab Issue in IE 8

      Hi All,


      I am facing some issues with Qlikview Dashboard afterrecent IE upgrade.

      Qlikview Version: QV 9 SR3

      Issue: I have 11 tabs in my application(Dashboard). Dashboard tabs were visible properly when it was opened in IE6. Recently, IE was updated to IE 8. After that some of the users are not able to view all the tabs except the opening tab. Problem is not consistent, i.e, this not happening for all the users.


      Is there any setting change required at IE 8?


      I am giving a production support and any help regarding the same will be much appreciated.


      Waiting for your replies.


      Thanks in advance,


        • Dashboard Tab Issue in IE 8

          Hi Amartya,

          We had a similar problem.

          For us it had to do with the Objectlayer being used in the Dashboard. Do you use the IE plugin or the Ajax Client?

          We found out it did work with the IE plugin und not with the Ajax client. Changing the layer and deleted a 'corrupt textobject' solved it.


          Hope it helps.


            • Re: Dashboard Tab Issue in IE 8

              Hi GJ,


              Thanks for the response. I am using IE Plugin, not Ajax Client.

              Could you please ellaborate more on Object Layer and how to delete corrupt text objects.




                • Dashboard Tab Issue in IE 8

                  Hi Amartya,


                  We found the 'corrupt textobject' by using the Systems monitor, reading the QVS Audit log. There we could see by openening a document where the template froze and what did not work. Secondly we went through the object itself and do it manually to find the problem.

                  I know it is difficult to pinpoint it, maybe if you can neutralise(Scramble) the data and minimze it with a limited load, I can try it here in our environment if you want.


                  Otherwise in your case it might make sense tp check with Support whether this is a know issue for QV 9 SR3. for

                  Just send me a DM if you want me to test test it as well.


                  KR Gert Jan.


              • Dashboard Tab Issue in IE 8
                Josh Duenyas


                Make sure that they use IE Plugin and also verify that the Build (Such as QV 10 SR3 Build 9061 as an example) is identical in the Desktop application, the Server's and the IE-Plugin.