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    Still set analysis problems with v9, SR1?

    Sally Hurley

      I was anxiously waiting for 9.0 SR1 to come out to solve some set analysis issues that I had when upgrading from 8.5. I have the following code:

      =count( distinct { PatientID * <PatientID={">1 <=500"}> } PatientID)

      On 8.5, it correctly intersects any selected patients (or all PatientIDs if none are selected), and the list of qualifying patients contained in ">1 <=500". In 9.0, it seems that it doesn't bother with the intersection. It counts either all PatientIDs or, if I switch around the code to be like this:

      =count( distinct { <PatientID={">1 <=500"}> * PatientID} PatientID)

      it counts all of the patients within the set, and skips the intersection of any selected PatientIDs.

      Is my syntax bogus? It seems to work perfectly in 8.5.


      Also - anyone notice that in 9.0, the input boxes have been resized, and you have no control over them? All of my listboxes had a height of 20, and when I open them in 9.0, they all have a height of 31, and I cannot force them to be smaller than that.