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    Prevent column(s) to collapse within a pivot table



      From what I understand the pivot is useful only is you make use of one hierarchy (ex: Time, with Year / Month / Week)

      So you will expand a Year, to get the different months, and etc.


      But what if you need to add an extra hierarchy in the pivot (ex Customer, with CustGroup / CustSubGroup / Customer)


      How do you make sure that this 2nd hierarchy is independant from the 1st one, and that when you collapse Year, Month or Week, it does not affect the layout of the hierarchy Customer (It is still diplayed, with no collapse)?


      I tried to make use of "Drill-down Group", but it does not answer my requirement, as children do net get expanded into a new column

      I tried to use the option "Always Fully Expanded", but it gets applied to the whole table and not a proper column.

      Result which is close to my requirement is to move the 3 dimension from my hierarchy Customer, into columns. Problem is that I want both hierarchy to be in rows.


      Any help?


      I would help me if the option "Always Fully Expanded" was available for a particular column.