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    dimension using Valuelist with two equal values


      i need to create a straight table with the next structure

      Concept         Expression1   Expression2   Expression3

      Sales                 -                      -                        -

      2010              1000                2000               3000

      2011               2000               3000               4000

      Cost                  -                      -                    -

      2010               3000              4000                5000

      2011               4000              5000                6000



      i have created the sales structure, i used the valuelist in my dimension like this


      and all found well, but if i put the next value in my dimension, the report does not work, i mean i put this dimension


      and Qlikview doesn't  show the 2010 value, i have tried whith this

      valuelist('Sales',$(=vAnio_Anterior),$(=vAnio_Actual),'cost',$(=vAnio_Anterior) & ' Cost') 

      but the program frozen up, i don't know what happen, someone know how i can do this

        • dimension using Valuelist with two equal values
          Stefan Wühl

          I believe your synthetic dimension values should be unique, or how is QV supposed to know which value to choose if you query for e.g. 2011 Cost?


          I think you could use two synthetic dimensions e.g. in a pivot table, first like




          =valuelist($(=vAnio_Anterior),$(=vAnio_Actual) )


          then in an expression you can query both dimension values by stating the exact valuelist phrases again.



          But maybe you don't even need the synthetic dimensions, I think you can also limit e.g. Year dimension just by the use of a calculated dimension, and maybe you already have a FigureType field with values 'Sales' and 'Cost'?

          • dimension using Valuelist with two equal values
            Vlad Gutkovsky

            Yikes, that's a mess! If you want to leave the chart like this, I would suggest creating a separate island dimension:



            LOAD * INLINE [






            Then your chart would look something like this:


            Dimensions: Exp_island, Year

            Expression #1: