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    Dimension Limit with negative value

    Ionut Biliuti

      Perhaps I've been not to clear here: http://community.qlik.com/message/172046#

      Here's a more simple example:


      I make two Straight Table with Dimension Limit set as in the picture.

      I don't understand why negative values are also displayed?

      How can I avoid displaying negative values?


        • Dimension Limit with negative value
          jagan mohan rao appala



          In version 9, there is a tab called Axis, in that tab there is  "Scale" section in that we should set the Static Max and Min values.


          But in the above screenshot i didn't found that.


          You can also handle this in expression by using


          if(Sum(Field) < 0, 0, Sum(Field))


          Hope this helps you.




            • Re: Dimension Limit with negative value
              Ionut Biliuti

              It is a new feature at QlikView 11.

              Quote from  QV11 Reference Manual:

              "Dimension Limits

              QlikView has had the capability to present "Others" and "Totals" values in various chart types. QlikView also allows users to configure charts to display the top or bottom X values in several charts. All of this manipulation was previously managed by the charting engine. Starting with QlikView 11, these capabilities have been moved to the calculation engine. This means users will be able to set these options across all chart types, except for Gauge Charts and Pivot Tables. There is a new tab in the chart property dialog called Dimension Limits that allows users to configure these options."