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    can't open my document with Personal Edition


      I have the Personal Edition installed, on Vista PC 32bit

      Using the QlikView 10 SR2 Personal edition, I created a new document and worked on it.

      I used it for some times, but after I was no longer able to open it as the error

      "Your installation of Qlikview has exceeded the maximum number......",

      (maybe due to the fact that I create it on the network, and then I open it being not connected on the network???)

      Trying to solve the problem I uninstalled QlikView 10 SR2 and I installed QlikView 10 SR3.

      I created a new document. But now, once created and saved, I can't re-open it, always the same error.

      I read lots of discussions on this issue, but I'm a bit confused.

      how can I solve the problem?

      Many Thanks

        • can't open my document with Personal Edition
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



          It seems that there are some issues with that, specially when you have upgraded. If the issue is because of the upgrade, I'd recommend you to uninstall QlikView, check the Windows Registry for entries containing "QlikView" and remove them, and then install it again.


          If it's because you actually changed the license four times, then you might not be able to open any new QlikView document until you license it.


          Regarding license changes, a change is as easy as create a document with user A in your computer, then leave the document in a shared folder and user B, in the same computer, open and save the document. That counts as one change. If you send that file to a colleague that has a licensed copy of QlikView that opens the document and sends you back, this is a new change. When you open an old copy of that document, the third... and so. In short, every time you open a QVW file in a different computer or a different session in your computer, the license hash that QlikView creates the first time, counts as a change.


          Hope that helps.