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    Calculate YTD



      I have a variable($Total) that works fine. Now I want to calculate YTD.


      Report O/p:

      Week     Weekly Total     YTD Total

      1            1000                  10000


      Variable --> $(Total) = sum(A * B * C) / 100


      Weekly Total = $(Total)


      I am unable to calculate YTD values for the variable now.

        • Calculate YTD
          Stefan Wühl

          In what context do you use the variable (e.g. in a straight table with dimensions Week and (which?) expressions)?


          You could try using a set expression to get the YTD, maybe like

          =sum({<Week = {"<=$(=week(today()))"}>} total A*B*C) / 100


          To help you more, you probably need to give us some more information, in which context you want to use the YTD value and what your (date) fields are (e.g. in my above sample, if you have also a Date field and you select on it, the above expression will not work without clearing the selection like


          =sum({<Week = {"<=$(=week(today()))"}, Date= >} total A*B*C) / 100




          Alternatively, you could flag your YTD Dates in the script, maybe using




          -1* InYearToDate (Date, Today(1) ) as IsYTD,



          from ...;


          Then use

          =sum( total A*B*C*IsYTD) / 100



          as YTD expression.


          Hope this helps,