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    Period chart, calendar

    Dan-Ketil Jakobsen



      I want to create a periode selection that shows year, month, week and then date and days.


      Something like the picture below.





      My problem is that I cant figure out how to do that.

      And yes I have tried the calendar object, but that one is just ugly. I do not like it, and it does not give me the dayname.

      Also I want to create this in a container and I want to use it with both the date and dayofyear.



      Any one know how to solve this?



        • Period chart, calendar
          Dan-Ketil Jakobsen

          You can disregard this. I found a way to solve it.



            • Period chart, calendar

              How did you solve it?


              Im looking to do somthing like that, but I would also display a calculated sales number on each date i the calender.

                • Period chart, calendar
                  Dan-Ketil Jakobsen



                  Actually all I did was that I created a pivot chart with two dimensions and one expression.

                  The two dimensions I use is week and dayname.

                  Expression is weekdate. =WeekDate


                  Week(ActualStartTime) as Week,

                  Day(ActualStartTime) as WeekDate,

                  WeekDay(ActualStartTime) as DayName



                  Then I left click the DayName and drag it to the top of the chart.(Not sure what that is called)


                  One problem with this method is that if you do not have any sales on a given day, that day will not appear in the chart.

                  I assume I could correct this by adding an inline fucntion where I just create a set from 1 to 31 and called that weekdate


                  In your case I guess you would need the expression =sum(sales)