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    QlikView Consultant - London - UK - Permanent

      The Consultant designs, develops, and implements all aspects of the Business Intelligence platform. The Business Intelligence platform consists of the Datawarehouse, ETL components, end-user interfaces (UI), and other system components.

      * Analyse, design, test and maintain the Datawarehouse
      * Analyse high-level requirements; design and implement data model and storage solutions that meet those requirements
      * Analyse high-level requirements; design and implement ETL solutions that meet those requirements
      * Develop and implement appropriate measures that ensure high data quality and comply with Datawarehouse data quality program(s)
      * Monitor and optimise Datawarehouse database Servers and engines for performance
      * Monitor and optimise Datawarehouse ETL processes for performance
      * Support the IS OPs/Networks Team with development, implementation, testing, and monitoring of Datawarehouse recovery strategy
      * Create and/or maintain appropriate artefacts for Datawarehouse system documentation
      * Analyse, design, test, and maintain the Business Intelligence End User Tools
      * Develop and implement appropriate measures that ensure high data quality, and comply with Business Intelligence data quality program(s)
      * Comply with design guidelines, coding standards, naming conventions and patterns where applicable

      Technical Knowledge
      * +5 years of PL/SQL development skills
      * +5 years of experience with reporting, database development ideally in the SQL Server environment
      * 3+ years of developing and deploying reporting and analytics applications to end users
      * Datamodelling and dimensional modelling experience
      * Minimum 1 year QlikView experience including:
      o Complex load Scripting including multiple data sources and types
      o Experience with complex load operations
      o Set Analysis
      o Strong UI skills
      * Experience with ETL technology and theory
      * Experience querying and optimising large databases
      * Experience across the full systems development life cycle
      * Good experience in Financial Services particularly banking/insurance
      * Risk Management and Regulatory Capital (Basel II, III, Solvency II)

      Supplementary Experience
      * A Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Information Systems, or equivalent combination of education and experience
      * Project Management/Prince II Certified

      The Individual
      * Proven ability to work with minimal guidance and direction
      * Proven ability to quickly learn and adapt in a complex environment with tight deadlines
      * Demonstrated strong interpersonal skills with the ability to develop good working relationships at all levels across technology and the business areas
      * Strong written and oral communication skills
      * Keen interest and understanding of the business areas.
      * Willing to work on client sites


      Please send your CV to sam@lightbulb-recruitment.com