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    Large amount of data - whats the best way to show it?

      Afternoon all,


      I'm after some advice please. I'm currently building a demo to form part of a business case.

      I have a vast amount of warehouse pick data that I want to represent. I have about 4 weeks worth currently although this will only ever get bigger.


      Previously I have 1 weeks worth and I had a nice stacked bar chart detailing the amount picked, by date/hour.

      As soon as I loaded to new data I think the amount of data caused the screen to fail.


      I think what I'd like to do is create some sort of button/variable that only loads 1 weeks of data at a time, and the user can click next/previous to load the next set of data.


      Is this possible, if so can you please give me some guidance.

      Or, if you have any other ideas, I'd like to hear them.


      many thanks