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    Grand total count of several Chart Expressions

      Hi all,


      I have a question about creating a Grand Total count in an Chart Expression, based on the data in other Expressions.

      In my Chart, I have 7 Expressions (Deviat...), counting False values from my data. I want to create one Expression counting the total sum of all False-values from the other 7 Expressions (GrandTotalDeviations). Is this possible to do?


      22-12-2011 14-13-59.jpg

      The syntax I've used in my 7 Expressions are pretty much the same, and in ex. DeviateWidthCU it's like:


      IF(ViewKontrollMaling.Pakningsniva like 'CU',
       > SUM(ViewKontrollMaling.OpprinneligBredde), 0, 1)
       < SUM(ViewKontrollMaling.OpprinneligBredde), 0, 1))