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    UI Design for the Power-User

      I have an opened ended question for the community.  We will be starting the development of our new operational dashboard using Qlikview very soon.  Some of our users I would clasify as power-users, as in they are used to having all of their data in excel and creating pivot tables ... dragging and dropping the dimensions and measures they want to analyze.


      My question is what is the best technique for recreating that behavior in a Qlikview object WITHOUT giving them the ability to create their own objects.


      So for example the best way I can think of doing this is using a pivot table object with cyclic groups for the dimensions.  For the expressions I would create multiple expressions and group them, basically creating a measure cyclic group.  But the big drawback I see here is that I am forced to stay in the boundries of the fields and expressions I created cyclic groups for, a user is unable to "drag" any field over and pivot on it vs "hardcoding" a group and limiting them to it.


      Does anybody have any take on others techniques on how to create this power-user pivot table?  Maybe with the use of user driven variables and then using that variable in your dimension set?  Any ideas would be appreciated ... even if you think the pivot table is the wrong object I should be looking at implementing this with.


      Merry X-Mas,