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    Table loop



      I'd tried to import a list of txt-files. The numbers of documents is variable. After I execute this script, qlikview generate a lot of tables called "qlik_details", "qlik_details-1", "qlik_details-2" and so on. The problem is, that we need all the data in one table called "qlik_details".


      I tried to handle this with "resident", but it does not work.


      Any ideas?


      Many thanks,





      Sub DoDir (Root)


                For Each Ext In 'txt'

                          For Each vFile In FileList (Root & '\*CPG_CLICK_DETAIL*.' & Ext)










                                    FROM $(vFile)

                                    (txt, utf8,embedded labels,delimiter is ';', msq);

                          Next vFile

                Next Ext


                For Each Dir In DirList (Root & '\*') // Subfolders

                          Call DoDir (Dir)

                Next Dir



      End Sub


      Call DoDir ('D:\Files\ClientFolder'); // Folder