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    by default list box

      when i am open qlikview and not choosing anything in the list box i want that it will show something by default, and if i am choosing something from list box i want that it will show me the items that are chosen.


      does anyone have an idea how i can do it?


      thank you



        • by default list box
          sarathi thangavel

          try inline statement

          • by default list box
            Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

            Hi Eran,


            Go to the Settings menu, Document Properties, Triggers, OnOpen, Add a new action, Type Selection, Action Select in Field, and specify the field and the string you want to select in that field. For example, for Field Date, search in string




            Although this is the default selection, you can clear it, lock it or do any new selections. Whenever you open the document again, this will be selected if the document was not saved in a different state (i.e.: selecting values that explicitly exclude the selection in that Date).


            Hope that helps.