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    Sum(IF   issue



      I have a dashboard that contains snapshot dates (what our data looked like at a certain time) in order to look at change from one date to another. We recently brought in Goals data.  I want to use a sum(if statement to link the goals to the territories they belong to. However the statement seems to be aggregating the goal data accross all snapshot dates . If I select one snapshot date, I get the aggregation of every date before it. Is there any way to stop this if statment from agrregating?




        • Sum(IF   issue
          Stefan Wühl



          the if() statement is not aggregating, the sum() is doing that.


          Could you please post your complete expression together with a more detailed description of your data model?

          Your Goal data seems not to be correctly linked to your snapshots, or your aggregation expression might miss something, I and probably also others couldn't tell without some more information.

          Also a small sample app could speed up things, if possible.