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    How Do We Upgrade to QlikView Server Edition?

      So my team is new to QlikView and we've been using version 10 on one of our servers.  We are now migrating to a different set of servers and thought that we'd install QlikView 11 and begin using that instead of version 10.  The problem i'm having is that I cannot seem to find anything about how to install the QlikView Server editions for version 11, there's simply no documentation which explains this anywhere. 


      So how am I supposed to do this?  What's the best method - install the personal edition, then enter the license number and *POOF*, I suddenly get all of the server-related tools (such as the management console, etc)?  Where do I find this - QlikViewServer_x64Setup.exe?


      Can someone fill me in, please? Information from the QlikView site is lacking horribly in most cases and I have not been exactly happy with the documentation regarding this product since we began using it.

        • How Do We Upgrade to QlikView Server Edition?
          Stefan Wühl

          QV11 is not so much different from QV10 in terms of separation into client software and server software.


          The personal edition is client software. You can enter a license key or lease a license from a server to turn a personal edition into a full licensed client software, but still only to get a desktop client software, single user, no server features.


          So (assuming that you have license for a server) I would suggest that you download the server installation package together with the server reference manual from the download page: http://global.qlik.com/download/


          I find the reference manual quite comprehensive, but here is a link to a migration and upgrade documentation: