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    All the objects of the document in an excel sheet

      I want to list all the objects of my application. The charts, tables, containers and more. I need to show my client all the objects, what the do, their type and some description of them, so my client can understand a little about it.



      I can do it by the option in document properties and "export", the doc comes with all the definition of the object, as the capiton, type, and more. I need to find a way to show my own definition (maybe a new column).


        My ideas: The comment would be good, it shows when I export, but I don´t want it to be on my application(so it is not good).

                        The text help is a good option, but I don´t know how to show it when I export.


      If you can help me I will be really glad!



      Rafaela Lima.